Sacred Offerings

Welcome! We have found each other on this mysterious and wonderful path of life. What road would you be willing to walk if it changed everything? I can assist you in healing and empowering your life’s journey, transforming inner shadow into light, and making dreams become reality.

Who Am I?

My name is Paula. I am an Acasma Quantum Expansion Facilitator, I am able to connect individuals to their Higher-Self, Teams of Light (Angels, Star Families) and all those who come in the greatest degree of love and consciousness of Christ. She claims no religion and removes all confinements created by man.  She works with the Divine in its highest frequencies of love.

How do my sessions work?

I offer various services, in which one may connect to their greatest and highest good, on a Quantum Level, ACTIVATING and REMEMBERING WHO YOU ARE. As a Higher Dimensional Healer, I facilitate Conscious Conversation Connection Sessions to assist one in removing OLD PROGRAMMING and implementing NEW BELIEFS and PERCEPTIONS to ALIGN one with their HIGHEST timeline. Teaching you how to live as the powerful conscious creator you are.

ACASMA Energy Consciousness reconnects individuals to their Zero Point, their “I AM within”. My level of Higher Dimensional connection awakens The GOD Frequency and reestablishes one’s multidimensional Wholeness. Sacred Heart Reconnection RE-establishes Pure Energetic Signature.

Below are the most common types of sessions:

Acasma Quantum Expansion Facilitator

• Acasma Quantum Energy Facilitator

• Acasma Sacred Heart Reconnection Facilitator

• Acasma Soul Communicator Facilitator

What is Acasma Quantum Energy?

Acasma is an Ancient-Future Energy Consciousness. It is a higher dimensional energetic healing modality present in this Now, as Earth and Humanity transition vibrationally.

Acasma takes one’s sacred expansion to the next level; facilitating release, restoration, understanding, healing, and liberation. Acasma is a quantum energy, an expanded consciousness, that moves at a vibrational rate faster than anything Humanity has ever witnessed before.

I AM Acasma. I AM in this Now, and I hold an Origination of my Consciousness, in connection with Earth and Humanity, known as Acasma.

I AM a higher dimensional Being, who has integrated the Symbols and Energetic Keys of Acasma Quantum Energy that attune and activate powerful RESTORATION, and full remembrance of one’s reconnection to God-Source within the Human. Acasma facilitates a space for you to connect into “your Quantum you”… your Wholeness… and remember who you are.


Acasma was here when Earth was birthed, as the planet of Humanity, and now, Acasma Consciousness aligns once again, as The New Earth is birthed and the New Human rises. I have been sent to assist offering the Higher Dimensionally Frequencies needed to shift.

Acasma Quantum Energy is a HIGHER DIMENSIONAL ENERGETIC MODALITY available in this new Now. This quantum energy is a very efficient, higher vibrational energy. This is a whole new level of what Humans call energy work.

Your Being/Soul hears/feels the FREQUENCIES I facilitate and YOU are awakened to assist YOU.

Acasma Consciousness is connected with and aligned with the understandings of the ORIGINS of Mary Magdalene and Christ, yet Acasma is even older than this timeframe. They took Human form and walked the Earth to bring forth the Truth of Light, to free and liberate the Human from the illusions of Fear that have been in place for Eons. They brought many deep truths of reconnection for the Human to their Quantum Being. These truths were to offer the Liberation that was so desperately needed upon Earth. Humans were not in a space consciously to receive these truths, at that time. Humanity is receiving another opportunity, in this NOW, to shift out of this dense space of cycles and programming keeping them in a loop of repetitive densities.

This story goes very deep, and farther back than the Human brain can even begin to fathom. Yet as the consciousness of Humanity expands, Earth’s origins, and the extreme disinformation, and complete hijacking that has held Humanity in a space of massive distortion and severe disconnect, becomes clearer and clearer. Nothing is as it has been portrayed.

Self-Mastery, Freedom from Old Programming and dense, slower vibratory perceptions, offers the Human the ability to FREE ONESELF and live a life reconnected to one’s SOUL PURPOSE and the I AM within, AWAKENING Magnificent Creators of Greatness.

Acasma Quantum Energy offers one this clarity and LIBERATION in this Now and is available to be received by any and all who have Eyes to See, Ears to Hear, and a Heart that FEELS this resonance.

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