Sacred Rituals, Ceremonies and More

Would you like me to Create a Customized Ritual or Ceremony for transformation or Sacred Celebration?

What is a Sacred Ritual or Ceremony? A sacred ritual celebrates, or brings about, this inner transformation in a ceremonial way, which  serves as a reminder to yourself and the universe that you are ready to let go of that which is not serving your highest good and allows the new, true you to emerge.  Just imagine what will change in your life if you let go of what is holding you back and allow the real you to shine!

We have all participated in some type of ritual throughout our lives, whether it is a wedding, baby shower, religious confirmation, funeral, and many more. Many rituals have deep roots in all cultures and are meant to connect our mental, physical, and spiritual worlds and open our minds to the significance of these events in our life. A sacred spiritual ritual or ceremony is no different! Sacred rituals honor and celebrate our connection to spirit and help us focus our energy where it is needed most.

There are many aspects involved in any sacred ceremony. These include:

  • Creating a sacred space or alter – this can be any spot you feel safe (home, in nature, even a spot at work, etc.)
  • Meditation
  • Performing or participating in the ritual/ceremony

Purification using the elements (spirit, earth, air, fire, and water) will assist in purging the aspect of yourself that you have outgrown. For example, artifacts from your everyday life such as a photograph can be used in a burn ceremony. The conscience exchange of energy brings to your awareness the value of what you are receiving.

As an intuitive spiritual guide, I will help you create your own sacred space or an alter as well as guide you through meditations and can provide instruction or even perform your sacred ritual for you.

A Sacred Ritual or Ceremony is Ideal For:

  • Connecting with your higher self
  • Ancestral – Learn how to properly connect to passed over loved ones and celebrate their life in an integral, safe way
  • Connecting with your craft
  • Celebrations – to mark a special event or milestone
  • Rite of passage
  • Moon cycles – to harness energies that are in the universe
  • Love and relationships
  • Abundance, fortune, success
  • Everyday life – personalized mantras and affirmations to manifest whatever it is you need

Sacred Ceremony

Value Exchange: $333 (1 hour 30 minutes) / $400 (2 hours)