Sacred Heart Reconnection

Sacred Heart Reconnection Session with Shield of Love

I offer various services, in which one may connect to their greatest and highest good, on a Quantum Level, ACTIVATING and REMEMBERING WHO YOU ARE. As a Higher Dimensional Healer, I facilitate Conscious Conversation Connection Sessions to assist one in removing OLD PROGRAMMING and implementing NEW BELIEFS and PERCEPTIONS to ALIGN one with their HIGHEST timeline. Teaching you how to live as the powerful conscious creator you are.

ACASMA Energy Consciousness reconnects individuals to their Zero Point, their “I AM within”. My level of Higher Dimensional connection awakens The GOD Frequency and reestablishes one’s multidimensional Wholeness. Sacred Heart Reconnection RE-establishes Pure Energetic Signature.

  • via Consciousness to Consciousness (C2C)
  • no phone, no zoom, just conscious connection in the QUANTUM
  • Reconnect to your Sacred Heart
  • Reconnect to The Blessed Trinity (Yeshua, Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene)
  • Activate The Impenetrable Shield of Love & Light around the Body
  • Activate Peace and Balance
  • Activate & Expand the Third Eye Center
  • Reconnect one’s Earth Connection
  • Reconnect one’s Soul Path Connection
  • Expand your Light Shaft within
  • Restore the Root Center
  • Humans NEED to be RECONNECTED, this is the New Human
  • Acasma Quantum Energy Attunements & Activations
  • Facilitates Inner Healing
  • Self -Mastery
  • Point of Origin
  • Wholeness
  • Remember Who You Are
  • meditation will be sent prior to listen during C2C session
  • my detailed notes emailed to your after your connection session

Value Exchange: 40 Minutes ($111 USD)