Intuitive Reading with Multidimensional Energy Healing

In this session, I channel high-level guides to offer guidance, clarity and supporting you during your healing process. Sessions are grounding, compassionate, and empowering. Providing a sense of peace and unconditional love.

During the Multi-Dimensional Healing session, you will go into a deep meditation, allowing you to walk through your own personal journey and gain access to healing from the deepest layers of your being. I will work with my spirit guides and multi-dimensional team, as well as with other higher frequencies and universal forces to address your healing request, which will work on clearing your issue wherever it resides within your energetic, auric, etheric, and multi-dimensional fields, across all dimensions of space and time. What this essentially means is that if your issue resides within your ancestral linage or any past life incarnations which you may have had and are carrying forward into this life, it will also be fully cleared from those timelines too. This in effect will elevate your vibration and frequency so that you can experience your best life yet!

Multi-dimensional healing can produce quite profound effects as it utilizes high vibrational frequencies which penetrate at the deepest layers of our being and spirit. Once we release old structures, karmic patterns, contracts, programs, trauma, and negative energies which have been stored deep within our DNA structure and cellular memory, we essentially free up more space within our energy field, which enables us to anchor in more light (or higher frequencies) into our being. This expansion enables us to become aware of the vast nature of ourselves as multi-dimensional beings, instead of just limited to the third dimensional existence of our physicality. This shedding of the old subsequently creates rapid transformation, healing, expanded consciousness, personal and spiritual growth, a more expansive experience of your reality and life, as well as accelerated change to assist you with your ascension process.

Multi-dimensional healing will not only help you to heal and resolve issues which you have been carrying lifetime after lifetime but will also assist you to realign with your multi-dimensional nature and true soul’s purpose.

Intuitive Reading with Multidimensional Energy Healing Session

$180 (1 hour 20 minutes)