Intuitive Healing / Energy Balancing

Intuitive Healing / Energy Balancing is an integrative approach to sessions combining a practitioners’ training and experience in the use of various healing modalities, techniques and tools, with intuition to create the sacred healing ceremony. This method provides the most deeply personalized co-creative experience for both the healer and the client, allowing us to follow intuition, instinct and inner knowing through the healing process. This methodology can connect the with their own powerful intuitive forces and empower them to tune in to their inner knowing and capacities.

The co-creation process begins with a dialogue to get a clear understanding on what brings you to the session. This may involve a combination of various energetic healing modalities, intuitively guided healing practices as well as sound, motion, stones, oracle cards/divination, smudging, ritual objects and other tools to support and facilitate the process. This healing modality is flexible, allowing us to co-create a space and pace that resonates for the individual client, at their own pace. An invocation (silent or audible) is performed at the beginning of the session, acknowledging guides, guardians, ancestors and allies.

All Sessions will be held Remotely via Zoom.

How does Remote Healing work? We are all taught in basic science classes both that everything in the known universe is made up of some form of energy and that energy cannot be destroyed, only changed or altered. The floor you stand upon and your body are slow moving, dense energy. The electricity running through your walls and the thoughts firing the synapses in your brain are fast moving, invisible energy. We need not see it moving in order for it to work. Energy medicine fits into the realm of, requiring neither close proximity, nor the ability to visually discern it in order for it to work and most clients find distance sessions to be just as, if not more, profoundly effective and supportive than in person sessions.

Intuitive Healing / Energy Balancing sessions offer deep intuition and compassionate dialogue to assist you in total well-being. The healing will generally include the following aspects:

  • The chakras and energy field are assessed, to determine areas that require attention.
  • From a light clairvoyant trance-state (connected to Source), the areas of concern are revealed, then addressed.
  • You are taught how to work with your own energy and to continue the process at home.
  • Through her channeling abilities, guides may appear. She may share information about the roots of the problem from past (alternate) lives.
  • Every session is personalized

Benefits of an Energy Balancing session includes:

  • Strengthens the immune system, allowing the body to fight off illnesses more easily
  • Releases accumulated stress, tension and pain, including headaches, back pain, etc
  • Speeds recovery from both chronic and acute illnesses, including cancer and heart disease, as well as the flu, chronic fatigue, etc
  • Balances your emotions and eases depression, stress, anxiety and other negative emotions
  • Helps to calm and relax a ‘busy’ mind
  • Eases insomnia and sleeping difficulties
  • Increases intuition and aids meditation
  • Assists you to feel grounded and centered
  • Energy Medicine is a wonderful, nurturing healing technique

A one-hour treatment can be for a specific healing purpose or for general relaxation and rejuvenation. The treatments and their frequency are individually tailored to your needs. Energy Healing is an extremely safe and yet powerful healing treatment and works well in conjunction with other therapies or medical treatments.

Intuitive Healing / Energy Balancing Session

$140 (1 hour) / $180 (1 hour 30 minutes) / $240 (2 hours)

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