Guided Meditations for Healing

I am so excited that next month I will be offering Guided Meditations for Healing.

I am a Master Hypnotherapist / Medicine Woman. In the start of my practice, I knew to deepen my craft required self-mastery. I knew the importance of meditation in this process.

In the beginning, I learned by reading books, podcasts & videos (self study). Over time, I went to Chung Tai Zen Center of Sunnyvale and Kannon Do Zen Meditation Center while living in Silicon Valley. My personal meditation practice has been consistent for over 13 years.

Although, with a Master Hypnotherapy/Energy Healing certifications, I can already lead guided meditations, I decided to deepen my personal practice by obtaining my Meditation Teacher (200 hour) training through the Yoga & Ayurvedic Center. I am also deepening my ACASMA Quantum Energy (AQE) certification. I am taking a deep dive in my trainings through the end of the year, but wanted to dedicate to monthly guided meditation starting Sunday, October 24th.

Once my deep dive is complete, I will begin to create focused meditations for healing in 2022. I am so excited about what’s to come! As a Medicine Woman/Healer, leading a guided meditation will automatically activate my inner healer. Meditation alone is powerful –the bonus you will receive AQE healing energies as well. Anticipate transformative shifts in your awareness and consciousness. I will allow myself to be Divinely Guided as I create these packages. There will be some free Meditation/AQE Healing YouTube videos coming soon.

I am looking forward to sharing these sacred spaces with you.