Group Energy Healing Session (Monthly, 4th Sunday)

Group Energy Healing Session held on the 4th Sunday each Month.

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Join your Rooted In Sacredness Family of Light as we ACTIVELY engage our WHOLENESS and navigate our QUANTUM intending and activating the VIBRATIONAL ALIGNMENT of our CONSCIOUS CREATIONS.

This transmission will offer you a space to “see” your Quantum from your own inner knowing and embrace your Wholeness on an even deeper level. What we focus on expands, EXPAND YOUR HIGHEST GOOD in this Sacred Space of connection. Paula facilitates HIGHER DIMENSIONAL FREQUENCIES and connections that assist one in the alignment with their greatest and highest good. Thank you for embracing your Light, in this Now.

Facilitating a space for you to…

Remember Who You Are

Manifest Your Best Life Now

The Magic of MIRACLES unfold Here. Step into what you never thought was possible. You are the Light. You are Holy. You are Whole.


WHERE:  From the comfort of your own home via email (pre-recorded video)

Looking forward to seeing you in virtual Sacred Space!

With Heart,


My 1st Video for May 23, 2021