What is Distance Healing?

MysticRoseDistance healing is a wonderful and effective way to experience and receive healing when you are not physically able to be present with your practitioner. Distance healing offers the same benefits as in-person sessions on an emotional, physical, spiritual and mental level since energy has no boundaries.

At the time of your appointment you will be asked to be in a quiet, relaxed area where you will not be interrupted, just as you would be if you came in to the appointment, and the session will start. If uninterrupted time is a challenge, I can make arrangements to send distance healing when you are scheduled to sleep.

Distance Energy Healings will be done in sacred space with a prayer of invocation asking for guidance from your own Guardian (power animals, angels, ancestors, or spirit guides). Be assured that this Energy Healing CANNOT hurt you as it works with the laws of Divine Intelligence.

Your session will be perfectly tailored by the vibration itself to your highest need. Sessions unfold in the moment. The use of crystals and intuitive reading may also be part of your session. Listed below are common experiences.

  • Physical experiences such as tingling, warmth;
  • Emotional experiences such as a feeling of release, feeling lighter;
  • Mental experiences such as memories arising, visions;
  • Spiritual experiences such as feeling one with all, peaceful, tranquil, deeply calm are many of what may be experienced by you.

Channeled & Intuitive Readings FAQ

Q: Are sessions done in person or over the phone?
A: Currently all channeled readings & healings are done via Skype. Skype has a free service and you can download app to your computer, or hand held devices. Click here for more details.
Q: Is it difficult to do a phone reading versus in person?
A: When Paula does a reading, she receives information on many levels; as a clairvoyant/intuitive – seeing images, clairsentient – sensing your energy through the vibration of your voice, and telepathic – this is receiving information from Spirit, from your guides and Paula’s guides. In tuning into your energy Paula is reading your Soul body, this is also known as your luminous energy body, aura, higher self. This part of you reveals information about your souls’ journey, your true nature and your connection to Spirit, God Source. Paula is also tuning into and reading your mental, emotional and physical body, so whether you are in front of her, over the phone or asking about a loved one on the other side; she can tune into you and receive detailed information to support you in your most important issues.
Q: How Accurate Are You?
A: Paula does not see the point of making claims about accuracy. You hear these figures from readers: 85%, 90%, 100% accurate. The accuracy cannot be proven. Where are these coming from? Who is measuring, and according to what timeframe? Often enough, Paula has been “wrong” about something, only to be “right” with time. Or, says something that the client doesn’t recognize at the moment, then, realizes later that an “accurate” association is made. Paula believes the conscious mind is subordinate to the intuitive mind. So the answer to this question that I’m comfortable with is: I am successful in my work, and I’ve been reading for family/friends since 2008. I let intuitive insights, and “accuracy” comes on its own terms.
Q: Will you tell me my future?
A: Rather than give you a list of probable realities, my guides tend to help you learn to create reality for yourself. They help you to see what may be prohibiting you from creating what you want. It is their desire to help empower you to create your own reality.
Q: What Do You Do In A Reading?
A: Paula starts every reading by asking her spiritual guides that she be a clear and accurate channel. With her client’s well-being and happiness in mind, Paula will express her wish to be a messenger of relevant and helpful information. Paula gives thanks for the opportunity to work in this way and ask to learn from each experience and be a better reader with every session.
Q: What is the Purpose of an Intuitive Reading?
A:  A good intuitive reading brings clarity to situations and serves to illuminate exciting possibilities for you. It will help you connect with your inherent talents, better understand relationships and confirm decisions. The reader will demonstrate that he or she is particularly tuned in with you through accurate and relevant information about you. The process of getting an intuitive reading is an exercise in intuition, discernment, and trust.First you must feel a sense that the reader is clear and compassionate. The intuitive approach and basic philosophies should feel right to you. Your intuition will tell you if an intuitive is right for you. The whole point of a reading is to bring information to light from the unconscious. You may not be aware of some of the information given to you, so be careful about dismissing news you don’t think is accurate. You may need to sit with some information for a while, see where it fits into your life. You have the option of taking or leaving the counsel given to you. Paula strives to be a clear, compassionate and inspiring clairvoyant.
Q: Who do you channel?
A: Depending on the topic, the appropriate guide will come through. Generally, most information is given by my own Spirit Guides which are comprised of an Unseen Team of Ascended Masters, Archangels, Higher Beings of Light and Celestial Beings – to name a few.
Q: What kinds of questions can I ask?
A: The more specific your questions, the more detailed answers you tend to get. Really general questions like, “What do I need to know?” get really general answers. And although we might think we aren’t looking for answers on a specific topic, the truth is most of us are and are disappointed when the answers we get aren’t what we secretly wanted to know.We have free will and our guides and celestial friends don’t want to interfere with that. When we ask questions, we give the green light for our guides and friends to give us all the information they can on that topic. That is why being specific and asking for assistance is so important.There are no questions that are off limits. Many times we want confirmation on what is going on in our lives, usually in the area of love, money and career. Questions on the nature of the universe often help us to gain a greater understanding of ourselves so don’t be shy about asking!Q: Do you record sessions?

A: Due to the highly personal nature of sessions I do not record your reading. If you would like to have a copy of your reading for your records you may want to use a recording program on your computer. Any recordings of private sessions are intended for personal use only and may not be redistributed in any way.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: 48 hours notice is required for all changes and rescheduling. Payments are non-refundable.

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