Energy “Light Body” Activation & Revitalization

Why an Energy “Light Body” Activation & Revitalization session? Stress, tension, negativity and less than favorable lifestyle choices can throw the body off balance, lessening energy levels to different parts of the body and thus weakening the body.  This in turn can affect ones’ emotional state, outlook on life, and the body’s’ ability to stay within the realms of what we consider healthy.   

During the healing session some people might have different experiences – visual, audio, touch; while some are just very relaxed. Energy “Light Body” Activation & Recalibration is a transformational modality that works to quickly create significant changes in mind, body and spirit. Once the balance of the frequency of light is re-established the body will recalibrate allowing your body to self-heal. The healing frequencies initiated during the healing session continue to work long after the session is completed.

Light Body Activation & Recalibration creates the uninterrupted flow of energy, the perfect balance of the frequency of light within the human body and elevates the energy consciousness level to a higher frequency thus relieving the body and mind of the current painful circumstance.

Each person has a unique experience, some of the most common responses are:

  • Your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual development are expanded to a higher level.
  • You may have a greater capacity to give and receive love.
  • Your talents and creativity could be liberated and enhanced.
  • You may get a strong sense of life purpose.
  • You might be released from fear and guilt.
  • You might achieve a different perspective of values, which gives you inner tranquility.
  • You may have a greater choice and confidence in decision making.
  • Your consciousness might transcend the limitations of this dimensional level of consciousness.
  • Some say that they have changed for the better, and therefore other people change in the relationship to them.
  • Some report changing job, changing partner, changing place where they live, always for better.

When the session ends, one leaves with a sense of clarity and aliveness, plus knowledge of techniques to maintain and continue the healing process.

Light Activation Session

$140 (1 hour) / $180 (1 hour 30 minutes) / $240 (2 hours)