Soul Retrieval & Integration

My commitment is to hold an ever-expanding space of Divine Consciousness so that everyone has a chance to choose his or her highest levels of growth, purpose, bliss, love, and service.  My work is compassionate, gentle, powerful, and Divinely Inspired. We begin by discovering what you are feeling in the present moment. Your path is respected and religious or spiritual beliefs honored and integrated. Soul Integration is not geared to fix or eradicate problems. It’s a co-creative process identifying areas needing healing and working on the layers you are ready to release.

We are all magnetic beings made of energy and emitting light. By tuning into our heart we can access the Source (all the energy used in delivering energy) and use it to send and receive information. We all have our individual unique energy and we are also connected to the Source and to every living thing. When you are tuned into your inner being and listening to your heart, you have access to unlimited information and guidance.

During this session your chakras will be cleansed, balanced, your auric field will be strengthened and sealed. Karmic imprints are removed and lost soul parts retrieved bringing you back into wholeness.


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