Higher Dimensional Healing & Integration

Shadow work is the highest form of light work you will do. It’s about having a balanced relationship with all aspects of self. To honor and respect the purpose it serves and either release or integrate based on your new level of self understanding.

This POWERFUL Shadow Work Customized Session Is A Guided Shadow Walk to Discover YOU & Dissolve Your Shadow Blocks

Are you feeling ungrounded and unable to move forward in wholeness?

Do you feel this nagging pull into the depths but you are unsure how to answer that call within you?

Do you often feel in-between worlds?

And when you look in the mirror you aren’t really sure who you are anymore or who you want to be?

…But deep down inside you know that you are meant for great things! It’s time to step into a safe and healing container to access ALL of you so you can step into the MORE to life reality you know is just around the corner.

This Guided Shadow Walk allows you to go deep into your unconscious as I hold your hand to support you in the highest healing, integration of trauma, and wounds within your soul.

This is the most profound way to KNOW yourself, LOVE yourself, and move forward in an EMPOWERED way.

During this session, I tune in to all of you and facilitate a session to clear out your specific blocks, limiting beliefs, and past traumas preventing you from embracing your shadow side.

Allowing you to go deep into your shadow to discover what you can unlock to create a life that you desire. This specific session uses all of my skills to support you in:

  • dissolving your specific blocks to embracing ALL of you,
  • clearing past traumas, karmic debts, and ancestral curses or barriers,
  • stop the loop of self-blame, punishment, persecution, or abandoning of self,
  • strengthen your inner reflection and appreciation for yourself,
  • open and connect your chakras and other energy centers to activate or deepen your innate wisdom and sacred key codes,
  • dissolve stuck emotions, limiting beliefs and blockages stopping you from living an empowered life and manifesting with ease,
  • and so much more.

Shadow Work Healing & Integration Activation

  • Quantum Energy Healing
  • via Consciousness to Consciousness
  • no phone, no zoom, just conscious connection in the QUANTUM
  • experience YOUR QUANTUM & connect with your Light Team
  • connect with your Higher Self, Angels, Star Family etc.
  • relax as you receive activations, attuning, downloads, etc.
  • Sit back, relax, and enjoy a sacred space of connection as Paula seeks additional guidance for you from God and your Higher Self
  • meditation will be sent prior to listen during C2C session
  • my detailed notes emailed to your after your connection session
  • this session helps you get out of your own way and really connect deeper to your highest good

Value Exchange: 60 minutes ($111 USD) / 30 minutes ($55 USD)

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