About Me


Take a moment to imagine…

…waking up each day knowing without a doubt your angels and spirit guides team are beside you and being able to tune into their guidance. Going through your day feeling supported and guided knowing they are always there for you. Asking questions and knowing without doubt that you will get a sure answer or sign. Feeling comforted, even in challenging times, because you can feel your team with you and hear their guidance….going to bed wrapped in the wings of your Angels, allowing them to heal you while you have the most peaceful night sleep.

Who Am I?

I am Paula, I help seekers get crystal clear guidance from the Angels, Spirit Guides and most importantly their Inner Knowing each day so they can stop doubting themselves and their decisions and start trusting we are fully supported by our spiritual team.

I Believe

…that everyone has the ability to connect with their Angels, Spirit Guides and Inner Knowing. I want everyone to experience what it’s like to invite your spiritual team into your life and allow them to support and guide you.

How it All Began ….

Paula is a California native and born as a natural intuitive, able to navigate between worlds and be in touch with the subtle realms of spirit. Paula has always had an innate knowing that this reality in which we live is only but a simple layer of the ultimate truth.  At age four, I began sensing subtle universal energy force beyond what the natural eye could see. It was the awareness of subtle energy force and experiences with psychic phenomena that drew her towards spirituality.

Paula began an earnest study of metaphysics. The more she learned the more she wanted to learn. As most healers, she began the journey by learning about modalities for our own self-healing. Paula began an intensive period of personal growth, focusing on personal & spiritual development and self-healing. A point was reached where she needed to branch out and find teachers.

In 2004, Paula decided to deepen her studies. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Paula took various spiritual workshops and training in various healing modalities. Paula’s spiritual training has been in the form of intuitive guidance from dream work, ancestors, spirit guides and elders in the community. As she began to hone in on her techniques, Paula continued developing her intuitive skills and learning more about holistic health.

In 2005, Paula decided it was time to open a heart-based healing practice. Specializing in creating space for women to develop their natural intuitive gifts & healing abilities empowering them to create a soul aligned life. Paula enjoys working one on one with clients, as well as, guiding workshops, meditations and journey experiences. She chose the path of energy intuitive to share knowledge acquired from her own personal transformation. She believes sharing what we love is an amazing opportunity for us to cultivate community.



Certification and Training

Acasma Quantum Healer

Higher Dimensional Healer

Intuitive Healing

Lemurian Healing Practitioner

Mayan Crystal Healing

Professional Psychic Advisor

Quantum Consciousness Guide

Reiki Master/Teacher (Usui Lineage)

Shamanic Healing

Trance Channeling

Acupressure (Trained at Five Branches University)

Healing Touch – Level 3 (Healing Beyond Borders – trained at Stanford Hospitals’ Healing Partners)

Master Hypnotherapist (Trained at Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy)