Card Pull: Take Time…

It’s always about intention when we pull the cards. I asked a question and with intention that when the receiver finds the message (no matter what day in time) it’s the message they need to hear in that moment.

Perfect cards for today 💙 Cards pulled for energies of the day.

Card 1 (Bottom) Mindset and Influencing factors

Card 2 (Top Left) Inner Knowing

Card 3 (Top Middle) Higher Self Wisdom & Insight

Card 4 (Top Right) Outcome.

Message: Take a moment to breathe into all that is… breathe into the sacredness of your heart and soul. Trust in the divine wisdom. Your silent whispers have been heard and there are endless possible outcomes. Know that there is great Magick at play here. Change is coming and it will be fruitful. Blessings are on the horizon. 

Decks Used

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