Get an Energy “Light Body” Activation & Revitalization Session

Fall is a time to set yourself free.  It’s time for an Energy “Light Body” Activation & Revitalization session.

Why an Energy “Light Body” Activation & Revitalization session? Stress, tension, negativity and less than favorable lifestyle choices can throw the body off balance, lessening energy levels to different parts of the body and thus weakening the body.  This in turn can affect ones emotional state, outlook on life, and the body’s ability to stay within the realms of what we consider healthy.  Energy Revitalization gently increases LIFE FORCE in the body so encouraging it to return to a balanced position and increase its ability to heal and maneuver through life stresses with greater ease.

An Energy Light Body Activation & Revitalization session will Lift, Rejuvenate and Revitalize your essence. During each session, I work with my spirit guides and intuitive insights to sense your specific ailment.  I will be able to sense the origins and Qi blockages. I will facilitate Qi Infusion to revitalize and realign your energy flows.  When the session ends, one leaves with a sense of clarity and aliveness, plus knowledge of techniques to maintain and continue the healing process.

All SESSIONS offered virtual via Skype (voice/video), Email or Phone: Distance Healing is just as effective as in person. If you live far, you can still benefit from the healing energy to bring forth energetic balance.

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