Zeolite (Detox): Build Immunity – $79 Value for $5 – use link to try Zeolite today!

I have been on a spiritual journey for over 17 years. Detoxing is only one aspect of the journey. Zeolite is great for detoxing and building immunity.

You can buy high quality products (such as Zeolite) at Touchstone Essentials. I love their products! Especially their protein and greens. I personally do not like the taste of stevia and it is extremely difficult to find low calorie protein powders without stevia.

You can buy them, along with other great Immune Building products at Touchstone Essentials. Click here to learn more about Touchstone Essentials. Let’s get back to the amazing offering – $5 for a $79 product. You will love Zeolite. Take zeolite in conjunction with clean eating and begin feeling more high vibe than before. Great nutrition and detoxing is important for your ascension process.

About Zeolite Product! MINERAL Removes  DEADLY TOXINS and HEAVY METALS  in Just 30 Seconds A Day!  In today’s toxin-filled world, our body’s detoxification system simply can’t keep up with the daily onslaught. We all need to reduce our toxin load if we want to live happy, healthy lives…

Pure Body Extra Strength is a way to free yourself of toxins, alkalize the body, strengthen your immunity and much more!

Unbelievable – $79 Value for $5 – try Zeolite today!

Click here to order.

Why Touchstone?

Good, Clean Nutrition at Your Fingertips 

Nutritional supplements to meet the same high standard you want for your food: organic, clean and natural. They’re filled with organic fruits and veggies, and never any toxic additives.

All of the good:

Organic practices

Not only are organic foods free of pesticides and herbicides, they’re also higher in healthy antioxidants.

Superfood sources

We pick a diverse array of powerful plants that deliver concentrated nutrition in convenient form.

Exclusive formulas

Backed by science, our custom blends can’t be found on grocery shelves or by any other name.

Natural ingredients

We use ingredients that are grown sustainably and gently processed to preserve the goodness within.

Vegetarian friendly

All our ingredients are sourced from the earth, including plant-based enzymes and probiotics.

Lab tested

We’re sticklers about quality control and test everything before it ever gets close to the bottle.

None of the bad:

No artificial colors

The only colors you’ll see are ones made by nature. All colors are naturally occurring from plants.

No artificial flavors

Natural tastes delicious. So our green juice has organic raspberry and organic apple flavors.

No artificial sweeteners

You’re sweet enough. We steer clear of sweeteners and use organic fruits and organic berries.

No artificial vitamins

Did you know synthetic vitamins are extracted from petrochemicals? Yuck! Not to mention ineffective.


You’ll never have to worry about finding any “frankenfoods” inside our nutritious formulas.

No toxic additives

You’ll recognize our ingredients as real foods, not chemicals. No bad binders, fillers or the like.

It’s healthier for you, farms and the planet.

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