Lightworkers & Cosmic Evolution

We, as Lightworkers, are here to root into Mother Earth, hold higher frequencies to balance out the chaotic energies of instability during humanity’s evolutions and maintain higher frequencies. It should be of no surprise that we have been strategically located around Mother Earth, on every continent and in every corner of our planet. We are connected on a DNA Level of Consciousnesses.

Many of us, Lightworkers, have gone through our ascension process, it’s been a deep dive into our core, self discover through our shadows, multidimensional & ancestor healing and soul integration (or as I call it recalibration), so that we could be prepared to assists others in their evolution. This is not to say that self discovery and working through our process is over. After all my years of work, I finally came to the realization, it’s not about being perfect. It’s about having the tools required to guide you through a deep dive of processing when you get triggered. We are all on this journey together. Each of us on our own path but we can all learn from each other along the way. We are all tapped into our Divinity. It’s about removing all the layers that hold us back from remembering Who we really are.

It’s not like it was before and many are accelerated through discovering their gifts. I am frequently contacted by people just becoming aware of their gifts and wanting to access them more fully. I create space for women to develop their natural intuitive gifts & empowering them to create a soul aligned life.

We are in a new phase of evolution, where we are stepping in and coming forth with all of our unique life experiences to fully embody our sacredness. We are prepared to speak Our Truth while we navigate ourselves in this rapidly changing World.

I AM here to Hold Sacred Space, Support You and Encourage You during this process. I AM here to listen and hopefully Inspire You to Be You, 100%. You Can Always write to me, sharing your Ups and Downs, your Highs and Lows. Send me a DM and I will get back to you ASAP. We Are Much Stronger Together. United As One.

With Heart,

Paula at (Instagram: @SacredJourneyUnfiltered)

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