Moments of Be-ing Fully Present

Do you want piece of mind? It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day hustle and bustle. It is easy to spend so much time thinking about our past, our hopes, and our fears that we sometimes forget to treasure the Wealth Around Us. I am a big believer in learning to dance with the rain.

In other words, don’t waste energy on things we do not have control over. For each life experience brings us closer to our Inner Truth and Wisdom. It is a choice. I chose to be in the Now…to be in deep gratitude for all the precious moments of Life. I Am grateful for every breath I take because it allows me to Live another day and experience great love. When we take the time to stop thinking about that which binds us to our past and/or future we are Gifted with peace of mind. It is amazing how our perception of circumstances changes just by shifting our thought patterns.

I can find beauty in the most unlikely places. I appreciate the now by walking my path in the world through All my senses–by treasuring what I can see, feel, hear, smell, and touch.

Here are moments I love to treasure:

  • The radiate moon in all it’s phases
  • The dark sky with bright stars
  • The sound of crickets at night
  • The laughter of children
  • The beauty of your community, friends and family sharing precious moment, sorrows and laughter
  • The joy of being Inspired and Inspiring
  • The sensation of a cool breeze blowing through my hair or on my skin
  • The joy of watching a bird glide in the wind – so free, playful and happy
  • The scent of flowers at fresh bloom
  • The sound of rain
  • The feeling of rain on my face
  • The feel of grass/earth under my bare feet
  • The feel of ocean and sand
  • The sensation of a warm shower
  • The sun shining on the world and the joy that brings all living creatures
  • A puffy white cloud as it moves slowly across the radiate blue sky
  • A blur of wildflowers and trees, blowing in the wind
  • The sound of birds early in the morning

In my opinion, these are all moments of Be-ing fully present. What moments do you love to treasure?

Many Blessings on Your Journey,

Paula Estrada

Intuitive Consultant: Specializing in Readings (Tarot/Oracle/Akashic), Energy Medicine (Reiki/Healing Touch/Acupressure/Energy Healing), Sacred Ceremony & Mentorship.

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