5 Stages of Initiation & Rebirthing

Dear Spiritual Seekers:

Initiation, represents a new beginning and the start of a new phase in life.  It is well known to be part of all mystery school traditions and it is an integral part of an individual’s continuing conscious evolution. It occurs weather we are aware of it, or not. It is important to recognize the process. This way when  you feel your life is unraveling, instead of allowing chaos to overwhelm you, you will understand it is part of a natural personal growth cycle.  We have to do the work of self discovery and healing…mourn the past and transitions when necessary and celebrate your accomplishments.  It’s a beautiful process.

Below are the 5 Stages of Initiation & Rebirthing:

  • Stage 1: Foundation Shakes (Either subtle or abrupt)
  • Stage 2: Ego Death & Consciousness Expansion
  • Stage 3: Awakening Phase, Seeing World Through New Lens
  • Stage 4: Soul Integration
  • Stage 5: Sacred Rebirthing Ceremony

Wisdom provides the opportunity to co-create our journey.  May you be blessed on your journey into spiritual evolution.

……….Until our paths cross, may every step be in Sacredness.

With heart,

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