Paula’s Channeling Journey – The Beginning

Dear Spiritual Seekers:

I hope this post finds you in perfect Spirit & Health!

There are so many different ways that a psychic communicates with and for those in other dimensions. There are as many ways as there are psychics.  I have been an Intuitive Empath, for as long as I can remember. I remember paranormal things happening as early as five.  Although, obviously at the time, I didn’t understand what Be-ing an Intuitive Empath meant.

During my youth to early twenties, I denied that I had a gift. As time went on, I realized I had no choice but to believe the information that was coming to me –was for a good reason.

So I began to honor my gifts and learn how to effectively use them. It has been a long journey of self-discovery. I read many books, attended many workshops, and acquired mentors.

Currently, the way I communicate with and for those in other dimensions is through Trance Mediumship & Trance Channeling.  Below is a brief description of those styles:

  • Trance Medium: A trance medium will go into either a light to deep trances state and their Spirit Guide will often speak through them.
  • Trance Channel: A trance channel will go into a light to very deep trance while communicating with the Spirit realm. The medium steps back allowing the more advanced and higher level beings to communicate through them.

Although, I work with Ascended Masters, Collective Consciousness, Akashic Records, Lords of Karma and Galactic Unity Consciousness, when I do channeled readings and healings, I stick to one Spirit Guide and have access to the others should the need arise. I like to keep it simple.

……….Until our paths cross, may every step be in Sacredness.

With heart,

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