Blessings & Welcome!!

LunaSmilesWelcome to my sacred space of inspiration, mysticism and rawness. I am Paula Estrada, a Spiritual Advocate: Specializing in ACASMA Quantum Healing, Higher Dimensional Healing, Intuitive Readings, Energy Medicine,  Soul Seer, Inner Journey Guide & Light Language Transmissions.  As a daughter of the earth and moon, rituals and honoring the sacred runs deep through my veins, blood and bones. I was inspired to cultivate a heart-centered spiritual practice through conscious vulnerability, authenticity and sacred living.

I enjoy working one on one with clients, as well as, guiding workshops, meditations and journey experiences. I consider it an honor to bare witness to my clients’ experience, as they unfold, grow and step into their personal power. I chose the path of healer to share knowledge acquired from my own personal transformation. I believe sharing what we love is an amazing opportunity for us to cultivate community.

With deep gratitude, I thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.

Until our paths cross, may each step be in Sacredness.

With heart,