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LunaSmilesWelcome to my sacred space of inspiration, mysticism and rawness. I am Paula Estrada, a Spiritual Wellness Advocate: Specializing in Intuitive Readings (Tarot/Oracle/Akashic), Energy Medicine (Reiki/Healing Touch/Acupressure/Energy Healing), Soul Seer & Sacred Ceremony & Mentorship. As a daughter of the earth and moon, rituals and honoring the sacred runs deep through my veins, blood and bones. I was inspired to cultivate a heart-centered spiritual practice through conscious vulnerability, authenticity and sacred living.

Specializing in creating space for women to develop their natural intuitive gifts & healing abilities empowering them to create a soul aligned life. I enjoy working one on one with clients, as well as, guiding workshops, meditations and journey experiences. I consider it an honor to bare witness to my clients’ experience, as they unfold, grow and step into their personal power. I chose the path of healer to share knowledge acquired from my own personal transformation. I believe sharing what we love is an amazing opportunity for us to cultivate community.

With deep gratitude, I thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.

Until our paths cross, may each step be in Sacredness.

In Sacredness,



The Higher self goes by more than one name including the True Self, the All Knowing Self, and the Eternal Self amongst other names.  Everyone has a Higher Self. It is the all knowing part of us that is connected to our Source energy, whatever you believe that Source to be. It is the part of us that can provide answers and insight to challenges and tough questions when we need it the most. It is the eternal part of each of us that exists beyond the restrictions of time and space and has an overview of our overall purpose and well being.  Everyone is able to hear their Higher Self, though many are unable to completely trust the guidance they hear of feel is that of the Higher Self and not the ego or subconscious mind.

Your higher self is a part of you that you must connect to on the inside. It is an inner voice that guides you and when you listen to and learn to recognize it, the truth it brings can be felt as an uplifting feeling in the core of your body. It is always a loving or at least neutral voice and will never criticize you or instigate feelings of guilt, hatred or other negative emotions. It is your true self and can be felt as inner peace and harmony.

Unfortunately, the Higher Self is not the only inner voice for many. Most people are afflicted with several inner critics who offer limiting beliefs that muddle the guidance received by an individual’s Higher Self creating a convoluted message that results in confusion and continued turmoil or indecision. Learning to distinguish the difference takes patience and dedication. If you don’t have time to develop this ability immediately  and you need answers now, I can tune in for you. Together we will find the answers and direction you’re looking for.

Client Testimonials


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I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful experience I’ve had with you these past months. Your warmth, kindness & compassion, coupled with your gifted expertise, has assisted me on a difficult journey. I thank you for the time you have devoted to helping me become a more whole person. With great appreciation!

Katie-Healing Touch Client

Thank you for your deep passion in your work and a clear compassion heartfelt readings.  It’s easy to think that a long distance session would perhaps be missing something but I found that my reading was much more personal than some I have had in person. The answers were clear and relevant to my concerns. During our…

Linda – Intuitive Reading Client

Through my reading, I received so much reassurance that I am on the right path, in my relationship and clarity around where I am on my path to healing. I think about what came through the reading often and it has helped me become so much more gentle with myself

Sandy-Intuitive Reading Client

No words can really explain the transformation that I have experienced. I feel truly blessed to have met you and had sessions together. You have given me purpose and enabled me to be truly happy. I now feel that I am gliding through life and finding the breadcrumbs to my purpose. I am eternally grateful…

Amy-Psychic Advisor Client